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Spreading the cost of your boiler has never been so easy.

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Monthly Boiler Payment Plans For Everyone

At Yorkshire Boilers we aim to provide the best combi boiler options around at the best pay monthly prices. Most people can’t afford to pay in full for a brand new boiler. That’s where we can help. Our boilers on finance are the perfect way to get reliable and affordable heat in your home right away. If your leaking boiler needs replacing, or you are unsure what size boiler is best for your home then we are on hand to help. We can even give you advice on the optimum temperature of your room or home and everything you need to know about boiler flues

Choose your new boiler finance with us 


Let our finance experts take you step by step through some of our payment plans. If your boiler has broken down unexpectedly and you don't have any money right away, our £0 deposit finance option is perfect for you. You don't pay a penny and we will install anew boiler in your home right away. If you have some money saved and can afford a small deposit we have a ultra low %Apr finance package for you. This is a great option if you are wanting to invest in a more powerful boiler. All our boilers are rated A or above so you can guarantee your new boiler investment will help to cut your gas bill. The amount you could be saving using a brand new boiler could even offset your monthly payment plan with us!



Spreading the cost of your new boiler



A lot of people like to break down their boiler payments in to easily affordable chunks. We take you step ny step through everything you need to know about your new finance package. This means you will know exactly how much you are paying and when. You can even choose and change the day your monthly payment leaves your bank account.


Get accepted for our boiler finance today

Credit is Subject to Satus and Affordability

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£0 Deposit finance

Great for people who have no spare money to hand. Your monthly payments will be slightly higher but you get the perfect boiler installed right away

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Low Deposits & Low % Apr

If you can afford a small deposit then this will help keep your monthly payments down. A great option if you need a boiler ASAP

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Buy Now Pay Later Pay Nothing for 12 months

With extra low interest rates. Another great option to get your boiler installed within 48hrs

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10 Year Boiler Warranties

Everyone worries about their boiler breaking down, especially at the times you need them most.  That’s why many of our boilers come with 10 year manufacturers warranty, therefore you can have peace of mind that our replacement boilers will last.

Affordable Pay Monthly Boilers

With a wide range of boilers we offer our finance plans on we know we can provide your with the lowest monthly payments on the market. We are confident we can provide nearly everyone with boiler finance as we have access to a range of credit options. We not only want to be able to provide everyone with a new combi boiler but the best service from start to finish.

Therefore, we offer small monthly payments from 5.9% APR, which is low interest finance compared to other boiler credit providers. flexible payment plans are all part of our service.

Most noteworthy is that we can even offer no deposit finance.


How Buying a Boiler on Finance Works

Buying a boiler on a finance package is exactly the same as paying monthly for other items we buy like loans, mobile phones, cars and sofas.

Your Monthly Repayments Explained

Like any loan, the amount you pay back depends on how much you lend, over how long and the %APR or Annual Percentage Rate. The more you lend the more you will pay back in interest (%APR). Although you will pay more back, there are ways to lower your monthly payments still. You can pay less every month simply by having a deposit or extending the loan agreement period. You can choose the length of your credit agreement. The usual lengths of agreements are 2 years, 5 years and 10 Years. Yorkshire Boilers go one step further and offer 10 year agreements to lower your payments even more!

Representative Example: Cash price £1900, Deposit £900, Loan amount £1000, 120 payments of £10.51. Total charge for credit £261.20, Total amount repayable £2161.20, Representative APR 4.9% (variable).


 Credit is subject to Status and Affordability as stated in regulations. Boilers on finance options are available including low deposit boiler finance and £0 deposit buy now pay later. Request a quote for more details on our pay monthly boilers.


Pay over 10 years including 10 years warranty with Yorkshire Boilers


A Rated Boilers On Finance

Everyone wants the best possible boilers for their money. We only deal with the best combi boiler manufacturers like:

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If there is a particular make or model that you are interested in then just call us and let us know so we can offer you our best deals on that particular gas boiler.

We can take you through a range of boilers we offer if you are unsure but we will always make sure you get the perfect boiler for your home at the best price. We offer boilers that are rated energy efficiency A or above as per the Energy Saving Trust.


Buying a new boiler made easy...

Because we have been installing boilers for years and have many happy customers, we know how to look after you. We want your boiler buying process to be as easy and stress free as possible. All at the right price obviously. By choosing us to be your installer we are not only selling you a boiler but providing you with a top class service .

Finding the right boiler for your home


Not every boiler is right for your home, and going for the cheapest isn't always the best option. There are many boilers, cheap and easy to install but there is an old saying of "buy cheap, buy twice". This is very much the case when it comes to boilers. You can guarantee paying just that little bit more will mean that you get those extra years you yearn for out of your boiler. We can offer you cheaper alternatives, and in the end it is always your choice, but don't say we didn't warn you! Speak ton one of our experts and they will take you through everything you need to know. We also have some high end expensive boilers which wouldn't necessarily be suited to a 2 bed mid terrace home, when it is actually made for a 6 bedroom detached! We will never sell you anything you don't need.



Your new boiler installation time



The installation time of your boiler will completely depend on what you want. If you have a combi boiler and you are wanting another combi boiler in the same place, then you looking to have it fitted in under a day. On the other hand, if you have a system boiler, that's a boiler with a tank, and you are converting to a combi AND moving it to another room, you're going to be looking at a couple of days. All these things we can discuss with you prior to any work being completed for free. You may be without water for some short periods of time but this is essential for us to be able to complete the work properly. All our engineers are Gas Safe registered so they know what they are doing!. We will always aim to complete the work as quickly and efficiently as possible, but we always make sure it is done properly.


Servicing and warranty - what to expect

All our boilers come with warranty as standard from the manufacturer. If a boiler has 5 years warranty, we can still offer you upto 10 years warranty through any of our service and warranty packages. Your boiler must be serviced every year to ensure that it is working properly and less likely to break down. This is usually between £80 and £120 depending on the boiler and work that needs carrying out. Buying a new boiler isn't cheap and you want it to last. There is no better way than taking out one of our service plans which you can also pay monthly for. You can add it onto your boiler finance package and relax knowing that your boiler is taking care of for years to come.

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Fast Boiler Install

Once your happy with your finance agreement we can get cracking and install your boiler. We can install boilers within 48 hours of agreeing.

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Keeping Costs Down

We will always offer you the best finance deals with the lowest %Apr we can put in place. We will never sell you anything you don't need!

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Low Cost Aftercare

You may want to consider a service plan for your new boiler. It's cheaper than footing a bill every year. You can pay this monthly so you are always covered and don't have to stress about spending big chunks of money when you least expect it.

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Gas Safe Certified

All our engineers are gas safe registered. You should always check, and if you ask any of our engineers they will be able to provide you with proof that they are. We cmoplete all work within the law and any regulations set out.