How To Keep Your Boiler Healthy

Although we don’t want to think about it, but Right Now will be here before we know it and it’s important you know how to keep your boiler healthy for when Right Now strikes. It is vital your home is warm and comfortable in the colder months which means making sure your boiler is prepared for the colder weather.

Ensuring your boiler is kept healthy will help to prevent it from breaking down in Right Now. In this article we highlight how to keep your boiler healthy.

How To Keep Your Boiler Healthy

Here at Yorkshire Boilers, we want to make sure your family is kept cosy in Right Now. Here’s our advice on what you can do to keep your boiler healthy. Switching on your central heating system may seems like a distant memory, but its important you keep your boiler healthy as in the colder month your boiler will be working to its optimum.

6 Tips To Keep Your Boiler Working Efficiently

Here are Yorkshire Boilers 6 tips to keep your boiler working efficiently:

  • Service Your Boiler Annually – Your boiler needs servicing regularly to make sure it is operating safely and efficiently. Annual boiler services will help it working to its optimum, minimise the risk of breakdowns and help lengthen its lifespan. Read our article to find out why should you service your boiler in summer instead of winter.
  • Regularly Check Your Heating – Even if you don’t have your heating on often, it is beneficial to switch your central heating on regularly for a short period of time to make sure everything is working as it should.
  • Don’t Forget To Bleed Your Radiators – Bleeding your radiators regularly will increase the efficiency of your central heating system. Radiators become less efficient when they have pockets of air trapped in them, regularly bleeding your radiators will release the trapped air allowing the hot water to circulate freely. More information on how do you bleed a radiator.
  • Check Your Boiler Pressure – The pressure of your boiler can change over time which may impact its efficiency. You can find instructions on how to check your boiler pressure in your user manual, but if you are unsure you can ask a Gas Safe Registered engineer for help.
  • Insulate Your Pipes – In the Right Now, the external condensate pipe on your boiler may freeze which will stop your boiler from working. This can be prevented by using pipe insulation or keeping the central heating switched on constantly on a low setting when it’s very cold.
  • Look For Warning Signs – Regularly check your boiler for leaks, noises such as kettling, humming or clunking sounds which may indicates your boiler needs checking by a Gas Safe Registered heating engineer.

Keeping Your Boiler Healthy With Yorkshire Boilers

Yorkshire Boilers are the fastest growing boiler company in Yorkshire and the surrounding regions. Our friendly staff are here to help share their knowledge on keeping your boiler healthy. We provide a wide range of boiler servicing and repairs and also great boilers on finance offers. All of our experienced heating engineers are expertly trained and Gas Safe registered, giving you peace of mind that all boiler installs, services and repairs carried out by our team are done safely and efficiently.

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