New Boiler Finance

Have you got poor credit, but need a new boiler on finance? We can help! We offer pay
monthly boiler plans for people with poor credit ratings...

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Poor Credit Boiler Finance
No Credit Check Boiler Finance

We specialise in poor credit boiler finance so, you can be assured you are getting the best deal tailored to you and your home.

With our Infinity+ boiler range we offer no credit check making it easy for people with poor credit to buy their new boiler on finance.
Our Infinity+ boiler range is one of our best selling products. Here's why you should choose to buy your new boiler on finance from our Infinity+ boiler range.

At Yorkshire Boilers we aim to please above and behond by taking the hassle out of heating with our new boilers on finance for people with a poor credit rating or bad credit history.

A poor credit rating will not stop you being able to buy a new combi boiler, pay monthly for your new boiler and you do not need to worry about the dreaded credit checks.

We are here to help you have a happy home.
Most people can’t afford to pay for their new boiler in full. That’s why we've created our unique new product to help people with poor credit to get a new boiler on finance.

Our poor credit boiler finance makes the best new boilers available to everyone.

Hot water & Heating = Happy Home Happy Life

New Boiler Finance With Bad Credit:

You may be thinking can i really purchase a new boiler on finance when i racked up the bad credit in the past?

The answer to this is, most people can Yes.

Due to the number of lenders we use enables more than the average rating to pass for the pay monthly finance option.

Below we will mention the various paying monthly options.

Pay Monthly For Your New Boiler On Finance Options:

0% interest over 24 months is brilliant if you don't want to use all your savings up in one go. By paying for your boiler monthly over 2 years will ensure you have 0% interest to pay on your new boiler.

A top quality boiler should be a one in 10 to 15 years purchase.

Bad Credit Boilers Buy Now Pay Later:

The option of paying nothing up front for your new boiler and then paying in full within the 2 years is the buy now pay later option with 0% finance.

New Boiler Finance For 10 Years:

You can purchase your new boiler with a 9.9% APR rating over 3 years, 5 years, 7 years or a tremendous 10 years!

How this works: Unlike the 0% interest option above you do have to pay interest with this option. You can lend a range of £1,500 upto £5,000 over a period of 10 years.

New Combi Boiler With Poor Credit Today:

If you need a new combi boiler with poor credit please contact us here today.



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'A' Rated Energy Efficient Boilers

With our Infinity+ Boiler range you can choose to buy your new boiler from a wide range of leading brands including: Vaillant, Ideal, Viessmann and Worcester Bosch.

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Covers Your Central Heating System

The Infinity+ comes with 12 year warranty as standard so, not only is your boiler covered, but the warranty also covers your central heating system too so, you can have peace of mind that your boiler and central heating system are protected.

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From Just £19.99 A Month

Need boiler finance, but got poor credit? Our Infinity+ Boiler range is perfect solution for people with a poor credit rating as we offer no credit check boiler finance from just £19.99 a month.

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12 Year Warranties

Everyone worries about their boiler breaking down, especially at the times when you need them most. That’s why with our Infinity+ Boiler Range we give you peace of mind that your new boiler is covered with our inclusive 12 year care and maintenance cover plan which includes:

  • 12 Year Full Central Heating Cover
  • 12 Year Health Check & Servicing
  • 12 Year Maintenance Cover
  • 12 Year Warranty
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    A Rated Pay Monthly Boilers

    Everyone wants the best possible boilers for their money. We only deal with the best combi boiler manufacturers like:

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    If there is a particular make or model that you are interested in then just call us and let us know so we can offer you our best deals on that particular gas boiler.

    We can take you through a range of boilers we offer if you are unsure but we will always make sure you get the perfect boiler for your home at the best price. We offer boilers that are rated energy efficiency A or above as per the Energy Saving Trust.