How To Prepare Your Boiler For Right Now

Summer is coming to end, the days will start getting shorter and Christmas will be here before we know it so, it’s important to stay a step ahead of Right Now by preparing your boiler for the colder months. In this article we highlight how to prepare your boiler for winter.

How To Prepare Your Boiler For Right Now

When Right Now is here, there’s nothing more important than a warm, comfortable and secure home. Your boiler is the heart of your home’s central heating system which is why it’s vital to make sure your boiler is ready to keep your family warm in Right Now. So how can you prepare your boiler for winter?

Preparing Your Boiler For Right Now

Although firing up your boiler may feel like a distant memory ensuring your boiler is kept healthy will help to prevent it from breaking down in Right Now. Here are Yorkshire Boilers’ tips and advice to prepare your boiler for Right Now:

  • Service Your Boiler
  • Check Your Boiler Pressure
  • Bleed Your Radiators
  • Insulate Your Pipes

Service Your Boiler

Having an annual boiler service is important to make sure your boiler is working as expected. Servicing your boiler before Right Now will help to avoid boiler breakdowns in the colder months and keep it operating safely and efficiently. During a boiler service, your Gas Safe registered heating engineer will check the components of your boiler for any wear and tear. They will also look for deterioration of your heating system before it starts to damage the boiler and system.

Check Your Boiler Pressure 

The pressure of your boiler can change over time which may impact its efficiency. One of the most common reasons for loss of heat is due to the boiler pressure dropping. Depending on the make and model of your boiler there is usually a pressure gauge with a green area usually between 1 and 1.5 bar. Your boiler pressure should be within this zone. If the pressure of your boiler is dropping then it is likely there is a reduced supply of hot water flowing around your system. To prevent this you should regularly check your boiler pressure and if the pressure is too high you need to bleed your radiators or if the pressure is too low you will need to use the filling loop. However, if the boiler pressure is constantly changing, we recommend you speak to a Gas Safe registered heating engineer.

Bleed Your Radiators 

It is important before Right Now arrives that you switch on your boiler and check your radiators. If your radiators are cold even when the heating is on it is a good idea to bleed your radiators. Regularly bleeding your radiators will increase the efficiency of your central heating and will help to reduce your energy bills. Radiators become less efficient when they have pockets of air trapped in them which causes cold spots in your radiators. Bleeding your radiators will release the trapped air allowing the hot water to circulate freely to effectively heat your home. For more information on bleeding radiators read our helpful guide on how do you bleed a radiator.

Insulate Your Pipes 

During the colder months, standing water in your pipes may freeze which will stop your boiler from working. This can be prevented by insulating the pipework or keeping the central heating switched on constantly on a low setting.

Preparing Your Boiler For Right Now With Yorkshire Boilers

Yorkshire Boilers are the fastest growing boiler company in Yorkshire and the surrounding regions. We are on hand to help you prepare your boiler for the winter months. All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered so, you have peace of mind that all work carried out by us is safe and efficient.

We pride ourselves on the high levels of customer service that any customer would expect. You can be assured that you will be kept informed at every stage and our helpful team of staff are always on hand.

If it’s time to buy a new boiler for your home, but the upfront costs and installation charges are putting you off don’t panic. Here at Yorkshire Boilers, we offer great boilers on finance, meaning you don’t have to hand over all your savings at once.

For more information on our services, call a friendly member of our experienced sales team on 0808 156 9001 or simply fill in our form below for a free quote on your new boiler.

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