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Staying Safe With Gas And Carbon Monoxide In Your Home

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Staying safe with gas and carbon monoxide in your home

Boilers do a great job at keeping our houses warm. But sometimes when a boiler gets old or poorly maintained, they could start to give off carbon monoxide gasses which can cause serious illness and even death. Likewise, gas pipes, boilers and cookers can leak, as this is happening it increases the chance of a fire or explosion.

What is carbon monoxide poisoning?

Carbon monoxide is a toxic gas. Inhaling too much carbon monoxide can lead to poisoning. If you do happen to inhale a large amount of carbon monoxide, you will start to feel unwell and the consequences may be fatal.

In any home, a high level of carbon monoxide is dangerous. This is why having your boiler serviced regularly and quickly repaired if damaged is vital.

How does this occur?

Carbon monoxide starts to appear when fuels like oil, coal, gas and wood don’t burn properly. This might be a result of your boiler not working as efficiently anymore. There are other ways these dangers can appear, these are mainly from having an old or a poorly maintained boiler.

How you can spot carbon monoxide

The easiest way to detect a leak is to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. These work like a smoke detector and sound an alarm when the carbon monoxide levels get too high. However, you should still look for other signs, whether your boiler is new or old.

It may be difficult to detect the presence of carbon monoxide by seeing it or smelling it, there are some signs of it being there in your house. These signs include gas flames burning in an orange colour instead of a blue colour it usually burns with.

There are a few symptoms that you might show if you have carbon monoxide poisoning:

  • Nausea
  • Breathlessness
  • Loss of consciousness
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

If you start to show any of these symptoms and think your may be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning, ensure you can get outside and into the fresh air. Open all doors and windows then turn off any gas appliances. Get yourself to a doctor as quick as you can. They will be able to confirm or deny your symptoms as potential carbon monoxide poisoning.

Take note that if your coal or wood fire is struggling to burn and stay lit, the outcome could be that carbon monoxide is present. It’s a sign of there being less oxygen in the air and that makes fuel struggle to burn. 

How to stay safe

As well as other carbon monoxide issues, appliances which use gas can also leak. This might be because they have become faulty as they have got older or that they have been poorly maintained. If this happens then the biggest worry you have is about a fire or an explosion.

It is very important in a gas emergency to act as quick as you possibly can and take the following steps:

  • Get fresh air immediately. Open all doors and windows so the room is ventilated.
  • Turn the appliance off and don’t use the appliance until it has been checked. 
  • Turn off your gas supply at the mains and don’t turn any switches on or off. Don’t turn your gas on again until it has been deemed safe by a professional.
  • If you or someone else in your home starts to feel ill then you should move outside and then go to a local GP or hospital as soon as possible and tell them your symptoms and how they might be related to carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Contact a Gas Safe registered engineer to check the appliance and fix it. 
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning is potentially fatal. And the outcome of poor gas works and it can be difficult to notice without a carbon monoxide alarm. 

Although the consequences of poor gas and carbon monoxide safety are serious, it helps to know that your boiler can be kept safe. The first thing you can do is get your boiler serviced by a qualified engineer. If they recommend upgrading your boiler then ensure that you do. If a boiler is old, mainly over 10 years old, or has not been serviced for a while, it may be the best option to upgrade your boiler.

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