Should I Switch My Boiler Off At Night?

Should I switch my boiler off at night? For most of us saving money on our heating bills is a priority which is why many of us question whether or not we should switch our boiler off at night before bed.

In this article we highlight if you should switch your boiler off at night…

Should I Switch My Boiler Off At Night?

Should I switch my boiler off at night? If you decide to turn your boiler off at bedtime then it may turn out to be a less efficient option.

Switching your boiler off at night could mean that you’ll be switching it back on every morning which tends to use a higher amount of energy similar to if you turn your boiler off for when you go on holiday.

Instead of turning off your boiler on an evening it may be more effective for you to use your thermostat to set your temperature lower if you don’t require as much heat. turning boiler off at night

There’s no definitive answer to if your boiler is best being switched on or off overnight, there are pros and cons of both options.

It depends on preference and what you are most comfortable with.

Will Switching My Boiler Off Cause Problems With My Central Heating?

If you have an older boiler then it a may be more temperamental than new models.

Switching it off for a longer period could cause problems with your central heating.

Switching your boiler off for a longer period of time can cause issues such as your valves and pump seizing up.

To prevent your boiler from breaking down, we recommend that you service your boiler annually. annual boiler service

More information on why does your boiler need servicing. Servicing your boiler will highlight any potential issues or to reassure you that your central heating system is functioning appropriately.

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