Should I Turn My Boiler Off Whilst On Holiday?

Have you planned a holiday this year? Going on holiday is never as simple as it seems.

There’s a lot of things you need to consider before jetting off to the sun including whether you should turn your boiler off or leave it turned on.

Many people are unsure what to do with their boilers when they go on holiday.

In this article we explain what you should do with your boiler when you go on holiday…

Should I Switch my Boiler Off When I Go On Holiday?

Whether you turn your boiler off before you go on holiday mainly depends on the time of year that you’re going away. If you’ve planned a holiday during the Summer months, where the temperatures in the UK are consistently warm and the heating is rarely on, then it is fine to switch off your boiler before your go on holiday.

However, if you’re going on holiday during the Winter months whilst the UK is catching a chill we recommend leaving your boiler switched on.

It makes sense that whilst the temperatures are at or around freezing, to leave the boiler running to stop the pipes from freezing and causing damage to the plumbing. what to do with your boiler when on holiday

Keeping the boiler on and the thermostat on at a constant low temperature will ensure that your house is warm when you return.

Most modern boilers include a frost or antifreeze setting for when you go on holiday.

This setting allows you to set a low temperature, below which the heating will come on automatically.

If you feel uncomfortable about leaving the boiler on all the time when you’re not in the country then you can set a timer for the boiler to switch on for an hour a day.

The best time to switch the heating on is between 3am and 4am, when it is usually the coldest hour of the day. Ensuring that the water in the system does not get cold enough to freeze.

Wondering why your Boiler will not Switch Off?

As you have read above about the built-in antifreeze setting on your boiler this could be the answer to your question. boiler thermostat

Some boilers will turn on and off due to this setting or some boilers will not turn off due to this setting. The setting is used for when you go on holiday to keep your fuel bills as low as possible but to keep your boiler ticking over without any issues.

Is It Cheaper To Switch My Boiler Off While On Holiday?

Should I switch my boiler off completely while I am on holiday to save money? This is a popular question that many homeowners ask.

There is a myth that switching your boiler back on after a long period of time will use up more energy than leaving it on a low temperature. However, we can confirm this is not the case. energy saving trust

An expert from the Energy Saving Trust said: “Turning off your boiler saves more energy than leaving it on at a lower setting”.

If when you return from your holiday and your boiler isn’t working properly or won’t turn on, don’t panic.

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