Viessmann Boilers UK Review

 Viessmann boilers – The pinnacle of boiler engineering by the Germans?

If you want to describe something as efficient, German is often use as a superlative to help describe something that is just that. Viessmann boilers are no exception. One of Europe’s boiler manufacturing powerhouses, churning out exceptional boiler after exceptional boiler perfect for homes in the UK. We always say ‘don’t mention the war’ but this is one thing you wouldn’t mind invading a cupboard in your home for years to come.

A Viessmann for every home – they really have thought about them all

With a whole range of high performance heating systems to suit every home, let’s take a look at just what Viessmann have to offer. No m

atter which model you choose, you’re going to get a good thing.

Viessmann offer combination boilers (combi), system boilers, regular boilers and even storage combination boilers (basically, a combination boiler with the benefits of a system boiler).

Lets look at the super boiler first – It’s expensive but its warranted.

Most articles will start with the boring, easy to explain, cheap to install and buy combination boiler. But this is like buying a car magazine and looking at the ford fiestas first before you go and look at the Lamborghinis. Not in this case. We’ll look first at the best Viessmann have to offer in heating your home in the best way possible. Most people will never even know these exist as no boiler salesman would push this piece of kit on any average Joe. This piece of kit you go looking for if you can afford it.

The Viessmann Vitodens 111-w 35kw Storage Combination boiler

Creating the perfect environment with the perfect boiler.

The Carlseberg of boilers, if Carlseberg was German. Probably the best system combination boiler available. Looking at it nothing really comes close to it. To look at it just looks like a boiler. Even on the Viessmann site it is undersold. To be fair it doesn’t really need selling, it sells itself. Suppose it’s a bit like a Porsche, you never really see an advert fo

r one, because they don’t need to.

Simultaneously drench and dry out at the same time.

I’d say that these have been manufactured to be installed in family homes with multiple energy sapping and water demanding teenagers who have no concept of waiting for hot water. But to be fair if you can afford a Vitodens 111 then your kids are probably as lucky as you are.

Fast and reliable, in the same sentence?

Rapid and reliable is about as excited Viessmann get when describing this masterpiece. There some stats to follow telling you it takes 8 minutes to fill a bath. I can’t remember anyone every moaning it take too long to fill a bath any more, but if you like your baths to appear almost like magic then you will not find a better white wizard.



The 111 is an unbelievable piece of kit. Now you know it exists do you want one? Yeah, course you do. Do you need one? Probably not. If you do decide to splash out you also get 10 years guarantee, which you should expect if you’re dropping over £4,000 on one.


The Vitodens 050-w – the light at the other end of the Vitodens spectrum


Can’t afford the supercar but still want high performance? Then you go for the super mini, perfect for negotiating the town and suburbs, and does it job perfectly at a fraction of the cost. The Vitodens 050-w is the best entry level boiler for the price. We love selling these.

Low cost heating, after low cost water, after low cost initial payment!

Want to keep your energy costs down, get a Vitodens 050-w. Want to pay as little as prossible for the best on the market, get a Vitodens 050-w. Saving money is what this boiler is all about. Beautifully engineered, compact and powerful enough for most homes in the UK. There is no wonder this boiler is taking over. Get these on finance too, its a great way to save money in the long run!


Combi in every sense of the word.

The Vitodens is a combination boiler, it provides both hot water and heat from the same unit. It does this spectacularly well by combining a precise build with the highest quality parts and innovative technology. You can get all this plus installation for around £2,000.

An absolute crazy European bargain.

This is the boiler you want, and need, and can afford. It’s crazily priced for how good it is. You know it’s going to last when they give out the 10 years warranty. It’s almost like Viessmann are saying “yeah it will last 10 years no problem”. It will last longer, they know that but there will probably be a new type of better boiler by then you will almost have to have instead.

The Vitodens 100-w. Big brother is watching you, just in case you need some more power.

Think the Vitodens 050-w sounds a bit weak? Then try something a bit beefier but still affordable. The bigger brother to the 050-w, the 100-w combi. Extra bedrooms, bathrooms or shower rooms mean extra stress on your heating system. This is where the 100-w comes in handy without the extra strain on your pocket.

It’s not the best seller for nothing you know.

A lot of people don’t like just going for the cheapest, it throws them off. Questions get asked like ‘why is it so cheap? Something must be wrong? That’s probably not the reason why the 100-w is the best seller but it would make a little sense. The 050-w is great, but for that extra reassurance of power when you need it can be quite comforting for that extra few hundred quid.



Easy install, easy use easy on the wallet – there’s a bit of a theme here…

If you haven’t got it by now, Viessmann make some of the best boilers available, available… The compact, quiet and more powerful Vitodens 100-w means it can be installed in most living spaces at a price you will like. Viessmann want to sell as many boilers as possible, and they do this by making sure they are super competitively priced without compromise on quality.



Which? Best buys – We all know what which? says goes don’t we?

Have the Vitodens range got a which best buy tag? Of course they have. The independent ajudicator has stamped it’s seal of approval all over the range. Yet another string to the rather large German bow.

Don’t take our word for it, we’ve blown enough hot air already…

If you are interested in looking at any other models Viessmann provide just take a quick look on their site. It’s pretty boring but they know they have the best products, so it’s down to you to decide which one you need for your humble abode.