Why Is My Central Heating System Noisy?

Is your central heating system making a strange noise? When your boiler, radiators or pipes start making a strange noise, it can be quite worrying. A noisy central heating system shouldn’t be ignored. The cause of the noise can be something that is relatively easy to fix. However, in some worse case situations, the problems can result in expensive repair bills.

In this article we look at why your central heating system is noisy…

Why Is My Central Heating Noisy?

Why is my central heating system noisy? We have the answer for you.  A noisy central heating system or boiler is often caused by an air blockage or a build up of limescale. The noises your heating system may include a kettling, clanking, buzzing, humming, banging or gurgling.

Why Is My Boiler Noisy?

A noisy boiler can be caused by a build up of limescale. The noise coming out of the boiler is often known as ‘kettling’ because it sounds like a kettle boiling. This noise is usually caused by a build up of hard-water inside the boiler’s heat exchanger. To solve this issue, a chemical de-scalers can be added to the tank to pump through the heating system and remove excess scale.

A noisy boiler could also be caused by the result of low water flow through the boiler. Most modern gas boilers require a particular flow rate so, making sure this is correct is very important. Having air in your central heating system can also cause your boiler to make strange noises. This is can sometimes be caused by the system being installed incorrectly. It is important to seek expert advise to ensure all components are installed correctly. If you are concerned about the noises coming from your boiler please call one of our Gas Safe heating engineers on 0808 156 7704.

Central Heating Systems From Yorkshire Boilers

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